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Where is your food made?

Just Right blends are proudly manufactured in company-owned facilities in Clinton, Iowa under strict quality control practices.

How much does a subscription cost? Can I buy Just Right without a subscription?

Just Right is only available as a monthly subscription. (You are free to adjust or cancel your subscription at any time.) Since your blend is unique to your dog, the monthly Just Right dog food subscription price varies based on your dog's size and individual needs.

Though every dog is different, we tend to see the average prices by breed size below. Get started today to find your dog's personalized subscription plan and price.

Just Right Average Monthly Subscription Prices:

  • Toy Dogs: $24.58
  • Small Dogs: $30.82
  • Medium Dogs: $48.37
  • Large Dogs: $66.53
  • Extra Large Dogs: $80.39
Will you ship product to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APOs, PO boxes or FPOs?

We are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APOs, PO boxes, and FPOs at this time. 

Can Just Right address my dog’s health needs?

One of the many benefits to building a personalized dog food blend with Just Right is the ability to support your dog’s unique needs. Some of the more common nutritional needs we support include:

  • Digestive health
  • Ideal weight
  • Dry skin and dull coat
  • Ingredient preferences
  • Joint health
  • Lifestage needs (from senior to puppy!)

Just Right is not intended to treat diagnosed health conditions like bladder stones, diabetes, or liver disease. Contact us to learn more.

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Can you build a personalized blend for my dog without grain?

Yes. If you would like your dog to avoid grain in their diet, we can accommodate that preference! We formulate most of our products with grains because they provide needed nutrients as part of a nutritionally complete and balanced diet. However, we recognize that you may desire a grain-free diet for your pets(s), so we do offer the option to exclude grains from your dogs’ personalized blend.

Our grain-free formulas contain alternative sources of carbohydrates, including cassava root flour and pea starch. Learn more about all of our Just Right ingredients, including grain-free carbohydrate sources, in our Ingredients section.

My dog is a picky eater, how can I be sure they will like their blend?

A great place to start is by building a tasty Just Right blend through our 5-minute quiz. Your dog’s blend is personalized with their preferred ingredients, ideal kibble size, and custom feeding plan. Give your dog time to adjust to their new food. Their pickiness may just be related to unfamiliarity!

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Try these tips if your dog is a picky eater:

  • Keep treats to a minimum – Your dog is a good dog! But treats should only account for 10% of your dog’s daily calories. Otherwise, they may lose interest in their food. Talk to your veterinarian if you need further guidance.
  • Explore new textures – Your dog may prefer a softer food or a different kibble size. Try softening their kibble by adding a little water or build a blend with a kibble size or texture that differs from their current Just Right blend.
  • Make meals fun – Try a puzzle feeder to get your dog engaged in their meal.

If your dog isn’t eating, or you’ve noticed changes in their appetite, consult your vet.

How do I know I can trust your food?

For over 100 years, the Good Housekeeping Institute has been rigorously testing and evaluating products for quality—so consumers can make smart purchase decisions. We’re happy to say that Just Right has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.

How do I change my order date/shipment frequency?

To adjust the date of your next order:
1) Navigate to "My Account" > "My Pet Blends" > "Manage Subscription".
2) Select "Send Now" to send as soon as possible, or change the order date in the "Next Order Date" box. You must change your order date before the cut-off date for you order. Any changes made after the cut-off date will take effect for your next order.

To change your order date:
1) Navigate to "My Account" > "My Pet Blends" > "Manage Subscription" > Next Order Date".
2) Select your new date.
3) Confirm the change to update your order date.

Note: Updating the shipping date of your subscription will update the subscription cadence for future orders also.
You are not able to change the shipping frequency.

How do I make changes to my subscription blend?

How to edit your subscription blend:
1) Navigate to "My Account" > "My Pet Blends".
2) Select "Manage Subscription" for the blend you want to edit.
3) Open the "Your Dog's Profile" tab on the Pet Blend page.
4) Navigate to the field you want to update; select the pencil icon to edit your response.
5) Once you have completed your updates, scroll to the bottom and select "Update Blend" to save your changes.

NOTE: There are some changes that may require to you to update another answer before proceeding. The impacted answers will show an error and ask you to update in order to save the change.

6) After you select "Update Blend," we'll ask you to confirm your edits.

NOTE: Some changes may impact the price of your dog's blend. We will inform you of any price changes.

7) To save the edit, select "Confirm Blend Update". To cancel the edits, select "Cancel" or the "X" in the upper right corner of the popup window.

How do I cancel a subscription?

To cancel a subscription:
1) Navigate to "My Account" > "My Pet Blends" > "Manage Subscription".
2) Select "Cancel Subscription".

You must cancel your order by the cut off date shown in the "Next Order Date" box. Any cancellations placed after the order cut off date will take effect for the next order cycle.

Changed your mind? To reactivate a subscription:
1) Navigate to "My Account" >" My Pet Blends" > "Manage Subscription".
2) Select "re-activate".

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